What exactly are coupons and promo codes?

·         A coupon or promotional code lowers the cost of a specific item or of your entire order. Before making a purchase, you apply the code during checkout.

·         All regular priced items accept sitewide coupons, with the exception of Miele, Smith & Hanks, and Clearance Center items.

Exactly where can I find a coupon or promotional code?

With our newsletter and other promotional offerings, you can find coupons and discount codes. At the bottom of the page, you can subscribe to our newsletter. While some of our sales use coupons, others set the item's price lower.

How can I apply a coupon code?

·         Put your item(s) in the shopping cart and then input your promo code in the box marked "Promotions & Coupons."

·         If the coupon is legitimate, the discount will appear on your order. An orange error message will appear if the code is invalid.

Why is my coupon not valid?

·         Your discount might have run out.

·         Per order, only one discount is available.

·         Some coupons are restricted to or exclude certain products.

·         Some coupons could call for a minimum purchase.

·         Except when otherwise noted, coupons do not apply to Miele or Smith & Hanks products.